WD Wiring


The WW2 WD wiring harnesses were made from tinned copper cable, covered in black rubber.  Any original wiring harnesses left around today would likely have deteriorated through long storage.



The wires in this picture are found at a bike breaker still attached to the late war main switch as located below the saddle. As this switch has a cover over the back of the switch these wires were cut just outside the cover. This cover has protected the remaining  wire from deteriorating under the influence of light. The wiring loom layout had the cables fitted with coloured sleeves, to identify the various connections. The colour cart is given in the corner of the wiring diagram.


The red, Purple-yellow, yellow-black and blue sleeved wires are approximately 5 mm in diameter. The other wires in the picture are approximately 4 mm in diameter. The diameter is measured on the outside of the rubber.


"Click here for a WWII BSA WDM20 Wiring diagram"


Today, no one makes rubber-covered/coated wiring cable. But there is a good substitute! There is a company in England called "Electrical Engineering Services" in Lancashire, who make a cotton braided 1930's/40s/50's period-looking wire.


They use modern plastic-covered copper-wire in various thicknesses, which they then cover with a tightly-woven matt-finish cotton woven covering. In use, this wire soon dulls-down to a very realistic finish it is also quite stiff, so it can be bent or contoured to shape/fit. It is modern, so works well, but looks old!


They also supply the little coloured rubber cable slip-on end sleeves, to identify each wire, as per the original looms, in any colour you like.


The wire can be supplied woven in any colour, but I always go for black and in several thicknesses. They will supply you with an uncut quantity to any length you require. I usually order 50 meters at a time, plus several packets of the rubber-coloured slip-on sleeves.


Contact them at:


Electrical Engineering Services

301 Turton Road


Bury BL8 3QE



Telephone: 01204-884383

Email: EESclassicwiring@aol.com


Steve Madden